Your Time is Limited

ITのビジネスなどに携わっている人にとってSteve Jobsは憧れの象徴に見えるかもしれない。Steveが自分の人生すべてを捧げて築き上げてきたものに、自分が最後に悟ったものは、とても意味深いものだと感じます。Steve JobsのLast wordsとともに見てみるとより胸に響いてきます。


Wow! This video really has blown up over the past few weeks. I’m so happy to see this video get seen by more people because I think it’s a message that more of us need to hear every day. Life is short, and tomorrow is not promised. While we may not have a lot, we must make the most of what we do have. The clock ticks by, and those seconds that tick by are seconds we will never, ever, under any circumstances, get back again in this life. Time is precious, use it wisely. Thank you all. ❤

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