Will have some type of “Transformation”

so our jobs then to go from philosopher to initiate to master

from mind to body to Soul from knowledge to experience to wisdom

and from thinking to doing to beingand you and I have all the biological

and neurological Machinery to do this but some people will get all of this

information and it’ll be philosophical they’ll never apply it

of those people who actually applied and have the experience once will think that

that’s defining them but people who really embody and make it

innate in them the true leaders of the world it becomes who they are

they don’t have to think about leadership they are leadership

they don’t have to think about success and they are a success

it’s become who they are if you give people sound information

and then they can repeat that information

they’re wiring it in their brain. They’re creating a new model of understanding. If you show them how to apply that information, If they do it properly, they will have some type of transformation that transformation isn’t something that causes people to feel bad or unworthy. It causes them to open their hearts, it causes them to feel Joy to feel gratitude they feel differently. and if you’re able to then create that elevated emotion and you teach people more information they will continue to transform themselves and that’s called evolution so most people try to create a new personal reality as the same personality and it doesn’t work you literally have to become someone else so crossing the river of change going from the old self to the new self requires you stepping into the unknown.
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