Unlock The Power of Your Mind To MANIFEST

The hardest part about change is not making the same choice as you did the day before. And the moment you decide to make a different choice get ready. Because you’re going to feel uncomfortable. It’s going to feel unfamiliar. There’s going to be some uncertainty. You’re not going to be in the known. You’re stepping out into the unknown. You’re doing something differently in the body which has been conditioned to be the mind. The servant is now the master.

So the body loves the familiar known. It loves the same suffering. It loves the same pain. It loves the same unworthiness. It’s been conditioned that way for years. It really is running the show. So the moment you step out into the unknown the body goes “wait a second i’d rather feel guilty than this feeling of the unknown because i can’t predict my future.” So the body starts influencing the mind and we start to hear this chatter in our head. That says again “start tomorrow you know tomorrow’s a better day” “you really don’t feel like it today” “why don’t you just have one piece of cake. You’re a loser it’s your parents fault. It’s your ex’s fault. It’s your culture’s fault whatever it is. And if we accept believe and surrender to that thought as if it’s the truth. That’s an old circuit in the brain. That thought will lead to the same choice which will lead to the same behavior, which will create the same experience, will produce the same feeling or emotion.


if you wanted to create a new personal reality you’d have to change your personality. Iin other words if you want to change your life you have to change. And nothing changes in your life until you change so then this first step.

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