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The Power of Nowは人間関係や健康にも直接結びついている。 Energy fileld of Pain body Residue of old past emortional sufferings Emortional energy field living inside you Dormant state is needing feed of more of emotional suffering This will feeds into Negative thouhgt will be coming up from painbody

How can we dissolve pain body You do not know as you are identified with the pain body. Relationship will be a drama where pain body will further

Personal anger, fear, …. all are the same emotion of all the other humans, that is collective suffering, painbody.

Each country has own type of painbody. This will force people act crazy roles in relationships.

You would never know how you are identified with those painbody.

How can you stay away or escape from the painbody. One way of essential solutions is what you call “surrender”.

Surrender is the sate of accepting what is. The state of now, you can never change, in anyway. To really understand the now, and be with now, suddenly whole universe is with you and all the situations will start change, mostly , change for the better.

The most powerful spiritual practice is “The power of now” and feel the power, energy field of your own emreging from inside.

Bring your attention from the brain, thougt process , to the inner body and feel energy and this will start dissolving the illusional exsitance of painbody.

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